About Us

AVASCO [Aviation and Security Corporation] Inc. was established in 2017 in Ankara, Turkey to provide high technology & tailor-made solutions in the field of defense & security industries. Our goal is to meet the expectations of Turkish defense industry and providing niche and effective solutions to cover today’s global security concept. We have a professional team of design & software engineers who have advanced technical capabilities and ready to respond quickly to the changing environment in terms of new risk definitions and threats with hundred percent customer satisfaction.​

Autonomous systems are the primary project field of AVASCO. Our team is working on the security and protection applications in addition to civil purpose projects & commercial tasks including agricultural projects, storm damage assessment and routine energy line inspections with UAV systems. These opportunities will not only contribute to the economic figures but also improve the safety and reliability by reducing costs and creating better ways to serve the society.

AVASCO follows the national defence strategy of Turkey. In this context; our main strategy is to create innovative military technology & meeting the requirements of global tendency.