Wet (ACMI/Full Charter) / Dry Lease Agreements

We work 24/7 with our global partners to cover any of your lease requests.

AVASCO 24/7 team is ready to evaluate your aircraft leasing challenge, so before signing any lease contract please contact [email protected]

We provide Services to submit the best aircraft for you operational profile, with additional supports like charter operations, crew management and training support.

Send us your lease request indicating the following items and leave the rest to AVASCO professional operation team.

•Aircraft Type/Category

•Capacity Required (How many passenger should it be fit with?)

•Starting Date of the operation

•Duration of the entire operation

•Monthly Utilization (Guarantee)

•Operation Base of the Aircraft (Where do you need the aircraft to be based?)

•Planned Routes

•Any Special Requirement (Age limit, EASA requirements etc.)