Border Surveillance Technologies

Border Surveillance Technologies

The main objective is to protect the country’s borders against terrorists & all other unknown intruders who attempt to conduct illegal or criminal activities. Secondly, border surveillance technology offers protection of strategic infrastructures such as energy fields, oil platforms or oil pipelines. AVASCO border surveillance technology is fully capable of covering all risks coming beyond the borders.

A border surveillance system is a complicated technology and can be applied with the usage of different technologies, with different integrations & combinations including radar, electro optical systems, underground sensors, physical barriers etc. The border surveillance system can be directed by one or multiple Command & Control Centres and a set of Sensor Stations. The sensor stations are deployed around the surveillance area and can be fixed or mobile platforms.

Benefits of Border surveillance systems:

• Detection of the threats and intruders
• Data transmission from sensors to ground centre
• Coordination of interception units
• 24/7, 365 days operation with all-weather conditions

Therefore, border surveillance technology is ideal for:
• Protecting the national borders against: – Terrorism – Illegal immigration. – Drug Trafficking / smuggling. – Illegal Fishing.
• Creating safe zone areas for sea traffic safety within national waters, coasts & ports.
• Protect strategic buildings & facilities like off-shore installations– oil platforms.

Border surveillance with UAV Technology

The control of both land and maritime borders is one of the biggest issues in today’s world. It’s necessary to modernise the surveillance methods against changing threats. UAVs are also used in border surveillance which are low cost and competitive, they respond to all requirements and needs of border protection.